A Reputable Background Screening Company Has These 3 Qualities

Recently, many articles have been written about employee background check companies that do bad work. It’s not necessary to be a computer whiz to do a background check, but many people think that setting up a background check business is an easy way to make money, and setting one up is not difficult at all. Anyone with access to records and a computer can perform background checks. Due to this, there are plenty of companies that offer cheap background checks to consumers, but the question that they need to ask is, do they have a good reputation?

There is no licensing requirement or registration procedure in place for background screeners in the majority of states or nationwide, which should be a cause for concern both for employers and for legitimate background screening service providers. Additionally, in states where there is some form of licensing, the background check companies are usually categorized under the Private Investigation category. A background check for the purpose of employment is, in fact, a consumer report, and therefore, is highly regulated both federally (as well as in some states).

There are many state laws and federal regulations requiring background screening companies and their clients to follow a strict set of guidelines when conducting employee background checks, such as the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBSĀ®). They may end up in court if they don’t follow these rules. Providing employers with reliable background check results is important, and the quality of the information gathered reflects on the background screening industry, but complying with the many state and federal regulations when conducting these checks is also very important.

In order to build its business on five principles, Corporate Screening Services primarily relies upon the following elements: accuracy, integrity, trust, value, and knowledge. As a trusted partner of our client organizations, we work diligently to ensure the accuracy of the data and reports that we gather and deliver on a regular basis. What do you think are some of the qualities and features that a good background checking company should demonstrate? Would you be interested in hearing about those details?

Compliance with state and federal law

Background checks are just as important as compliance. In the event that a background check program is not in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or in state versions of this act, both the background screening company and the employers may be exposed to potential litigation.

Ensure thorough quality

Good reports are characterized by accuracy and verification. Background screening companies are often accused of providing false information about people with criminal records, as detailed in stories about substandard background screening. There may be a mismatch of records due to a common name, which may result in a large number of results. Alternatively, it may be the result of a background screening company not having the resources to dig deeper and make sure the information is accurate. An effective screening company finds information that corroborates the candidate’s record. I will now discuss thoroughness.

Companies must be thorough in order to provide accurate information to employers and candidates. Research is done by a good background screening company to ensure that the information found is relevant to the individual applicant. Making sure the information is accurate requires a lot of work, but leaving out crucial information or providing incorrect data is unacceptable.

Mentality of a partner

Knowledge and trust are inseparable. The best background screening companies will take the time to understand a business’ needs and processes. Your background screening company should act as a partner and understand the unique requirements of your particular industry. An organization’s background screening program should be tailored to meet its business objectives based on this understanding. During the interview process, keep these questions in mind:

  • What is their understanding of your recruiting, onboarding, and sourcing processes?
  • Can they help you design a program that meets the needs of all stakeholders and reflects your corporate culture and strategy?
  • What is their level of knowledge of your industry?
  • Regulations, laws, and rules are constantly changing. How do they help your company stay current with the constantly changing environment?

Here are just a few things organizations should consider when choosing a background screening company. While financial considerations are important, employers also want accurate information when deciding whether to hire a candidate.

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