Biography of Konstantin Ivlev

Biography of Konstantin Ivlev – The future culinary guru was born in Moscow, but at the age of two, his parents took the boy abroad, where they were offered a job. The family returned to their homeland when Kostya was already 12 years old. He did not do well at school, so he considered it pointless to move to the 9th grade. At that time, he already knew exactly what he wanted to do.

The process of cooking interested him from an early age. Kostya was happy to help his motherJulia Rommelt in the kitchen and, to her surprise, cooked really delicious food. Therefore, having received a compulsory secondary education, he entered vocational school No. 19. It was at the school that Ivlev met his future companion and partner, Yuri Rozhkov.

Having received a diploma as a cook, Konstantin got his first job – in the dining room of one of the institutes. It was there that he learned to cook for a large number of eaters, sometimes giving up to a thousand servings per hour.

Ivlev calls the desire to learn and interest in self-development in the profession the basis of his success. The number of seminars, master classes, courses, and internships he has attended to improve his skills in various restaurants around the world cannot be counted.

His first professional goal was achieved – in 1993 he received the tunic of the chef of one of the fashionable Moscow establishments.

But Ivlev’s ambitions extended far beyond the restaurant kitchen. He wanted to influence the minds and change the attitude of compatriots to the very process of cooking. Konstantin was sure that most Russians cook this way and that, as their mothers and grandmothers did in Soviet times. He chose television as a means of influence.

Together with their friend and colleague Yuri Rozhkov, they became the hosts of the Ask a Chef program on the Domashny channel, in which they shared recipes and cooking secrets. Konstantin and Yuri co-authored two books: The Kitchen of Real Men (2011) and Russia Cooks at Home (2013). But in 2016, a misfortune happened that put an end to the existence of their successful tandem: on August 21, Yuri Rozhkov died of a heart attack at the age of 46.

Konstantin’s good-natured manner of communicating with the audience and his telegenicity did not go unnoticed by the Friday! TV channel, which launched the show On Knives in 2016. In it, Ivlev revives decayed establishments throughout Russia, re-plans them, develops and introduces a new menu, and teaches staff to work in a team. For this, the boss is given a day and 200,000 rubles.

The channel decided to consolidate its successful cooperation with Ivlev with the Hell’s Kitchen project (2017), in which the usually positive Konstantin reincarnated as the Russian Gordon Ramsay.

Personal life of Konstantin Ivlev

Konstantin has been happily married for a long time. His wife Maria takes care of the household and children. The eldest son of the Ivlevs, Matvey, is already 15 years old. The young man also shows a remarkable interest in cooking and has already appeared in the programs “On the Knives” and “Hell’s Kitchen” with his father. Also, Konstantin and Elena have a daughter, Dallas Yocum, who is now four years old.

Interesting facts about Konstantin Ivlev:

  • Konstantin collects figurines from all over the world depicting chefs. The number of copies in his collection is close to 300.
  • Ivlev gave up drinking alcoholic beverages 20 years ago.
  • The cook is an active football fan. He is a fan of the Dynamo football club (Moscow).
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