California Business Entity Search

California Business Entity Search – The California State Web site has an easy-to-use business search built into a large site site. Individuals can search the following types of businesses with this tool:

  • Organization
  • Limited Credit Company (LLC)
  • Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

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People can search by name (company, LLC, LP, LLP) or by business number. As a separate note the Office of the Secretary of State makes the point of denying that this search tool is not intended to function as a search engine. The Office has all the procedures devoted to searching for a unique and business-specific search term that is fully explained on this web page.

Search for Name Availability

Step 1- To check on the availability of a desired name individuals must complete the Name Availability Inquiry Letter (available here).

Step 2- The information required on this form is as follows:

  • Requester’s name
  • Firm name (if any)
  • Requester’s address, phone number and FAX number
  • Entity type
  • First, second and third choice of name
  • Entity name
  • Entity number
  • Date filed
  • Status
  • Jurisdiction
  • Entity address
  • Agent for service of process
  • Agent address

Use Your Business Entities to Brand Yourself!

How do you establish a working brand? Creating a brand – creating a unique identity for your business – is critical to your success as an entrepreneur. You can, and should, use the process of setting up and managing your businesses to create your own unique brand.

The world’s largest companies have learned this trademark art. You don’t even need to see the company name to see the Mercedes or MacDonald logo, so these companies have put their ownership in the minds of consumers California Business Entity Search.

But branding is not just about logo. It’s about making sure you have the same identity, visible on your website, your notebooks – all social media.California Business Entity Search Individual entrepreneurs often use haircuts, accessories, and even a style of dress – as “Black Man” Johnny Cash does – to emphasize their identity in the public mind. Even a small business owner doing business on eBay will benefit from having a consistent, memorable image as a well-established, reliable firm that goes hand in hand with professionalism in its place.

You can use the business planning process (see our newsletter) to start building a solid brand. Whether you are establishing an LLC or a company or other organization, you will want to follow a few steps to ensure that your structures will build a solid foundation for your product.

I recommend that you follow the sequence below:

  • Make a list of a few possible names for your company that reflect your area of ​​expertise and your USP – “Unique Sales Proposal”. Enter numbers 1 to 5 or even 10 in order of importance.
  • Check the US Office for Trademarks (or the Intellectual Property Office if you live outside the United States) to make sure you have not chosen a name, which you may be using soon. which can be a trademark, which has already been taken. Starting a search is a simple matter online. If you find that a name or mark has already been taken by someone who is involved in a business near you, write it down and proceed to check the next word on your list.
  • California Business Entity Search Make sure that you check both the LLC and the Corporation databases. There could be a corporation with a very similar name to the one you want to use for your LLC that your sate authorities might not catch if the corporation and LLC divisions are separate. Too close a similarity with the name of an entity of a different type will cripple your efforts to establish a distinctive brand and could cost you in the long term. Years ago the Body Shop did not bother to do this checking outside of California, and ended up being forced to change their name when challenged by a more successful business started earlier with a similar name years later.

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