How Attending AA Meetings in Texas Can Help You Get Back To a Life Away From Addiction

Living a life free from addiction has to be the biggest achievement for an alcoholic. But doing this in real life is easier said than done. A rehab can only offer you initial treatment but you need to commit yourself to staying sober to lead an alcohol and drug-free life. And to help you achieve this goal of sobriety, it is important to look for “AA meetings near me”.

How can you prepare yourself for an AA meeting near you in Texas?

The decision to go to AA meetings in Texas cannot be an easy one. People find it unnerving because they have no idea what happens in these meetings. What is shown in movies is not the real truth. But, leaving your home to be in a room filled with strangers is the last thing an addict would want to do. This is why it may be a good idea to understand what these meetings offer and how you could benefit from them.

You have to first understand that every addict attending an AA meeting has been in your shoes. He knows the nervousness, trepidations, and fear. So, you can be certain you will never be judged for your weaknesses when you walk into a meeting. Since every attendee has undergone these same emotions when they started out, there is an underlying sense of camaraderie. This provides a lot of encouragement and support for new members.

Why have AA meetings been so helpful in keeping addicts sober after rehab?

The main idea behind holding such meetings is to uphold the 12 traditions of AA. Alcoholics Anonymous may have drafted these first but now they are accepted as the standard for all addiction recovery purposes. These 12 steps have been written down as a step-by-step method but these are actually part of an ongoing circle. So, an individual can keep revisiting a step until he feels completely comfortable and secure at that stage.

During the very first stage, you must admit you have a drinking problem and that too you want help to overcome this. The following steps focus on how to admit your wrongs to others and make amends for your mistakes. You have to show the urge to change yourself for the better by committing yourself to God. So, the 12 steps were geared at promoting self-growth and self-reflection amongst addicts. The objective was to make them feel motivated enough to reform themselves.

Are AA meetings for everyone?

When you start attending local AA meetings, you are welcomed by AA members present there. You do not have to start speaking about yourself right away; you can take all the time you need to open up. But you should be present to listen to others speak of their struggles and victories. The idea is not to cross-question an attendee or reprimand him for his vulnerabilities. The goal is to share your story to get advice from fellow addicts who may have battled similar cravings and emerged victorious.

Your first visit may not put you in a comfortable-enough position to start opening up. But as you keep attending these meetings, you start to heal slowly through these honest and open sessions. Meetings can be “open” where you can walk in with anyone or “closed” which are exclusively for AA members. Closed meetings are meant for protecting privacy because they do not encourage outside involvement. Whatever type you decide to attend, make sure you incorporate them into your weekly routine to stay sober.


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