How Many Jobs are Available in the US

How Many Jobs are Available in the US – Tenured Professional: If you have worked for many years and held several different positions, you may be wondering how many of your previous jobs you should write in your resume.

Novice Professional: You may have just graduated from college and are wondering what hiring managers want to see in your resume.

How Many Jobs are Available?

Most Employers want a window for two or three jobs, at least. This window should always include your latest work as Hiring Management would like to know where people came from and what they have been doing before submitting their CV.

In the whole world, we find that listing at least three functions in your resume gives you depth and content. By highlighting your last three positions, you are able to demonstrate the continuity of your work, which is an important message you should convey when asking for consideration for a new opportunity.

How Many Jobs Should I Include on My Resume?

How Many Jobs are Available in the US – We understand that ranking three positions can be very challenging for those who have not worked for a long time or who have held only one or two jobs. If this is your situation, do not worry! Since honesty is the best policy and creating false jobs to add bulk to your resume will get you back on the line of inactivity, you may need to deviate from the norm to add quality and showcase your knowledge and skills in your resume.

Volunteer work is something most people do not consider to include in their resume, but actually, listing your volunteer efforts not only says a lot about yourself, but also helps to add depth to your resume, explain your lack of work, or talk about what you did when there were vacancies.


Additionally, if you are a recent college student struggling to add content to your CV, consider listing professional organizations you have or worked with while you were in school such as business, participating in student government, etc.

Stay tuned as the next article in this series will discuss the rules for listing the right job in your resume.

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