Looking For Halfway Houses In Oregon? – Here Are Some Pointers For You To Decide

Are you ready to be discharged and looking for “sober living near me” online? If so, you will be surprised to find locations of many sober residential homes near where you stay. No matter which state you are in, there are quite a few options to choose from.

In Oregon, you are likely to find information about many halfway houses where you can check in after treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. But, not all facilities are equally trustworthy. Some are not well-maintained and do not enforce proper rules for disciplines. As a result, addicts may be at even bigger risk of going through a relapse. So, when you have shortlisted a few locations, it may be a good idea to inquire about these in-depth before you decide.

What can you do to be sure you get a good halfway house in Oregon?

  • To start with, any good halfway home will be properly maintained and hygienic. There should be ample living space for its residents and clean living quarters. Instead of simply deciding on the basis of images uploaded on their site, you should take a physical tour of the place to be sure.
  • If you find on researching that a halfway house doesn’t have admission criteria, it should be taken as a red flag. This means that the manager doesn’t prioritize rules of a halfway house. As a result, the environment may not be conducive to someone recovering from addiction. Being drug-free must be the first requirement for admission to any halfway home.
  • Besides abstinence from drug and alcohol use, residents are expected to take part in house chores like cooking and cleaning. They should attend AA meetings and look for employment to pay for their accommodation. If these are not encouraged by a sober living home, then it is best avoided.
  • The environment inside a halfway house must be one of peace and security. But, in the absence of proper rules and punishments, residents may indulge in substance abuse. If the house manager does not arrange for regular drug tests and screening, abuse will continue unchecked here. This may be disastrous for a recovering addict because it would push him into addiction once more.
  • Residents inside sober living homes should be able to enjoy both privacy and security. For this, there have to be clear rules and regulations. Antisocial conduct, violent behavior, or threats of violence cannot be tolerated inside such a facility. So, when looking for a halfway house in Oregon, make sure these threats do not exist. There must be a Code of Ethics that every resident will be provided with at the time of admission.

If you can identify these red flags while researching halfway homes in Oregon, you should be able to find a safe facility without much difficulty. For more information on halfway homes in Oregon, visit

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