Offset printing or Offset Lithography is the most widely used method today, and it has numerous advantages over other printing methods, particularly where high and consistent image quality is required. Because of its high quality and low cost, offset printing, also known as offset lithography, is used for mass manufacturing of custom printed boxes, magazines, and other products.This is one of the benefits of offset printing which makes it rather desirable and famous in the status quo.


Offset Lithography is a plate-based method of printing on a flat surface. Only image areas (such as text, colours, forms, and other features) take ink once an image is transferred to an offset plate that has been chemically processed. On the plate, water and ink are applied. Ink only “sticks” to the picture portions that reject the water due to the chemical treatment. The ink is rejected in areas where there are no graphics. The ink images are then transferred from the plate to the blanket’s surface. The job of printing blankets, which are constructed of a unique multi-layer rubber, is to transfer the image or picture to the paper, and this process is repeated on every piece of cardboard that passes through the printing machine. When we print the entire page,

Offset printing can be done with a wide range of printing inks to fit a number of substrates, but certain critical aspects, such as the viscosity and drying procedures of the inks employed, must be considered. The viscosity of ink affects its tack and flow properties, and offset printing necessitates inks that can stay in place while being transported between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder, as well as between the blanket cylinder and the substrate.It’s critical that the inks don’t dry too quickly (leaving them stuck to the plate or blanket cylinders), but they also need to dry rapidly enough to avoid smearing, especially when printing in colour or at high speed and/or volume.

Offset inks are usually customised for the substrate and whether the press is web or sheet fed. While both web and sheet fed offset presses utilise viscous printing inks, sheet fed presses often require faster-drying inks because sheets are more likely to come into contact with other surfaces (usually when sheets are stacked at the end of the press). As a result, sheet fed offset printing is typically done with quick drying inks that do not require external influences to accelerate the drying process.

Coldset, heatset, and energy curable inks can be used on web feed presses. Energy curable inks dry through polymerisation triggered by an external influence such as UV light, infrared light, or electron beams. Coldset inks dry through absorption without external influences, heatset inks dry through evaporation aided by drying lamps or heaters, and coldset inks dry through evaporation aided by drying lamps or heaters. Uncoated materials absorb printing inks better than coated materials, therefore coldset inks are usually limited to these.

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Offset printing is capable of high-volume commercial printing at fast speeds, with cheap production costs and long press life (for example, the printing plates last longer because they only come into contact with the soft rubber-based blanket cylinder, rather than a variety of substrates, which may or may not cause abrasive damage to the plate). Sheet fed offset presses print small quantities of maps, posters, magazines, brochures, letterheads, and marketing materials, whereas web fed offset presses print large quantities of newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, direct mail, catalogues, books, and a wide range of packaging materials such as metals, foils, and plastics.Perfecting offset presses may print both sides of a material simultaneously and employ two blanket cylinders (rather than one blanket cylinder and one impression cylinder), with each cylinder acting as the impression cylinder for the other blanket cylinder.

Offset printing employs ink instead of toner (digital printing), resulting in a richer and clearer print. Offset printing is suitable for printing in medium to large quantities. The lower the per-unit cost becomes as the quantity produced increases. Web-fed printing is quick and efficient since it can generate over 80,000 copies of printed goods in high quality. Offset printing is highly adaptable and dynamic since it works on a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, leather, and plastic, as well as providing options for specific finishes and other design needs.


Rather than digital offset printing, which is ideal for smaller projects, offset printing allows us to produce hundreds of pages in one go. Plus, because it gets cheaper as you print more, it makes massive print runs much more inexpensive. The cost of developing printing plates and setting up an offset press is always upfront, but it is spread out across the number of prints produced. In comparison to digital offset printing, which costs the same for the thousandth print as it does for the first, expenses drop dramatically after you reach a specific volume — which varies depending on the nature of the product and the complexity of the print.

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